Dear Ronald

Dear Ronald,

I just visited your restaurant in Basingstoke and purchased a cheeseburger happy meal to try and perk myself up a bit – I’ve been feeling quite sad because it’s Monday.

I noticed on the box that there were lots of happy animals, including ‘Max’ – A quirky and cheerful looking canine. Once I had opened the box I was delighted to see what looked like a dog (my favourite animal) suffocating in the plastic bag.

Once I’d freed this animal from it’s polyethylene hell I was mortified to see his sad little face, he’d had his back legs removed and wheels grafted on in their place.

Ronald, I’m sure you’ll agree that the message we should be sending is that despite disability we can still strive to be happy in the face of adversity. Do you really think this is sending that message?

Your happy meal failed me and I suspect that it has failed many more people like me (and probably some children too)

Thanks for listening to me,



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